Fairytale Lapsteel

” The minute I picked up the Pomona I was hooked. This is a lap steel that is a complete joy to play, even if you’ve never picked up a slide before.” – John Mayer

Product Description

When the Pomona lapsteel was introduced in 2008, it was a sensation! For the very fi rst time there was a lapsteel that had the best elements of a lap- and pedalsteel all rolled into one.

We are proud to introduce our new Duesenberg “Fairytale” lapsteel with gold-burst fi nish and many improved details, like the newest generation of the Duesenberg Multibender, the improved integrated capodaster, a new pickup combination with the new PH-90 anti-hum single coil and our Grand Vintage Humbucker.

Standard factory-set tuning is D A D F# A D.

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    Fairytale Lapsteel

    Product Description

    When the Pomona lapsteel was introduced in 2008, it was a sensation! For the very fi rst time there was a lapsteel that had the best elements of a lap- and pedalsteel all rolled into one.

    We are proud to introduce our new Duesenberg “Fairytale” lapsteel with gold-burst fi nish and many improved details, like the newest generation of the Duesenberg Multibender, the improved integrated capodaster, a new pickup combination with the new PH-90 anti-hum single coil and our Grand Vintage Humbucker.

    Standard factory-set tuning is D A D F# A D.

    Additional Information


    1-piece mahogany

    Width At Nut:

    42,5 mm / 1.67″


    54 mm / 2.13″


    Black adonized aluminum


    30,5 mm / 12″


    PUR lacquer


    Duesenberg Z-Tuners, “Art Diego” buttons


    Duesenberg Multibender

    Hardware Color:



    Duesenberg DSL16 (016-018-026-036-046-056)

    Pickup (neck):

    Duesenberg PH90 Single Twin

    Pickup (bridge):

    Duesenberg Grand Vintage Humbucker


    1 volume, 1 tone, 3-way pickup selector




    Custom Line case


    All required allen keys (included)

    The name stands firm in the deep German tradition of excellence. Our guitars feature more than style and appeal; they express our love for music and our intentions to provide you an instrument that will impact the history of music one player at a time.
    If you have joined the Doozy family already we thank you, and those who are just discovering us for the first time, we welcome you. Take sometime and see why so many of the top players in the world have joined our special Doozy family.
    German Pickup Engineering:
    Looking back in history we have seen some vintage pickups from the late 1950’s and early 1960’s really inspired the face of music, as we know it. We at Duesenberg have taken on the same challenge to produce our own identity and sound through the painstaking attention to visual and technical details. All enthusiasts know – that vintage is just that, vintage. So the question is why have we attracted many of the top players in the world who are known to play only vintage with a new guitar? One word, tone.
    At Duesenberg our production techniques allow us to meet the exact tolerances and meet the uniformity that ensures that you will be hearing the very best in tone. Each one of our pickups has been created by scratch, meaning, once we found that magic tone we locked it in. Many companies use other companies designed pickups in their product. To meet the Duesenberg standard we felt that the tone and the feel must not be compromised.
    We have developed our own “Printer Wound” computerized winding system that literally allows a hand winding process to be utilized on each pickup bobbin. This still retains uniformity of our production with the highest quality and lowest tolerances. The extra fine tolerances are achieved through “Elektrisola” a wire produced in Germany. The precision of this wire has a tighter tolerance than any U.S. or Asian wire manufacture. Maintaining the exact specified insulation thickness has allowed us to produce those classic pickups and also maintains the distinctive tone of Duesenberg.
    The key to this has been the influence on the capacity of the coil. A special so-called “soft iron” developed in Germany has incorporated the pole pieces along with the pole screws, providing a noticeable high harmonic content to the Duesenberg sound. This is all topped off with our base plates and covers and for this there is nothing better than German Nickel Silver. Nickel Silver has the least possible influence on the pickup values, and simultaneously achieving the optimum treble response while giving the best possible shielding.
    Duesenberg Grand Vintage Humbuckers and Domino P-90 Pickups:
    Our acclaimed Starplayer TV guitar model has this award winning combination pickups in it. This Doozy “Classic Sound” arsenal has already impacted many of the top songs and records around the world. Many musicians can identify this Doozy classic sound from the very first driving note. We have always felt that the best people to describe the Doozy tone are our family members. “My favorite electric guitar in the last 20 years” -Glenn Frey, The Eagles
    Duesenberg “Senior”- Pickup:
    “Sophisticated Design, Simple in Operation”. Our new “Senior” single coil pickup with our special coil-tap construction is similar to a P90 – but with the new Doozy characteristics that will become much-loved to guitarist. When used in a single pickup guitar configuration the special coil-tap gives those glassy, pearly rhythm sounds and great leads tones. Giving you versatility in three different tones in one pickup in the most simplistic way. – “A true “Senior”.
    Duesenberg D-Caster Single Coil Pickup:
    Quickly becoming a favorite, the D-Caster single coil meets that vintage tone for a single pickup. We use open nickel silver surroundings that gives you the best possible shielding and protection of the coil. Oh and did we mention that it sounds killer.
    Duesenberg V-Caster Pickup:
    These are the same single coil pickup bobbins housed in a regular “big” humbucker case. Making it easy to be dropped into a humbucker fitting without routing or any modifications.
    Duesenberg Toaster Pickup:
    Our new Mini Humbucker has made a impact with a handful of top players in the world. Giving you a new tasty sound to the Duesenberg line. The “Toaster” features a German Nickel Silver cover along with Alnico magnets to give you a wonderful “open” sound and that pearly like trebles. Other cool features to our Duesenberg Toaster are the classic dimensions (66×31.5mm) allowing you to simply replace your older classic German brands.
    Duesenberg Bass Toaster Pickup:
    Duesenberg’s Bass Toaster design has an elegant arrangement that provides a double humbucking to our basses. Our new proprietary wiring achieves a very effective mid-range control that it totally passive giving you a wide range of tone for one instrument.
    Duesenberg 3-D Pickup Adjustment:
    We have designed all of our pickups to with the 3-D design. Adjusting pickups can be one of the most important things in finding your sound. We have placed screw adjustment on each end of the pickup plus we have added a third screw adjustment on the topside of the pickup, which incorporates a small cylinder. This allows you to raise and lower the pickup pitch angle, giving you more control of your pickup placement.
    Duesenberg Pots:
    Many in the industry are willing to sacrifice on parts that are not seen by the eye, but at Duesenberg we focus on only the very best in tone creation. Duesenberg’s volume and tone pots are manufactured in Japan to the highest standard creating a precision-engineered pot with a sophisticated value curve that will have a long problem free life.
    Duesenberg Speed Pot:
    Featured on certain Duesenberg models this new specialist 70° pot controls tone with a slight touch. Also known as a “Quarter Pot” to some in the industry.
    Duesenberg Swell Pot:
    A cousin of the “Speed Pot” This spring-loaded lever pot allows those special effects that create volume swells, wah-wah effects and the crazy “machine gun” effect, without the click sound.
    Duesenberg Control Knobs:
    One of the first things you will notice on a Duesenberg is the fine attention detail on our control knobs and the jack plate. The “Art Deco” design is featuring our trademark 3-steps giving you that simplify and sophisticated look that only a Duesenberg can give.
    Not many will take the time to build their own tuners for their product but at Duesenberg have done just that. We have designed a classic and yet modern a quick-thru Z-Tuner.
    Easy, Fast Stringing! The string can be pulled quickly thru’ the tuner shaft, then the string end can be cut off as normal – but on the rear of the headstock – push the string end back a little so it disappears – then you tune as usual. Easy, fast stringing for sure! You can also use the DZT’s in the regular accepted manner. Technical Notes. A smooth, 18-1 gear ratio and the DZT’s can be easily disassembled to renew grease by removing the back cover. Perfect!
    Duesenberg Endpins:
    The security of knowing that your guitar is safe while your playing is important and the Duesenberg endpins will give you just that. You will also have the ability to use the Schaller Security Lock System with our endpins without switching them out.
    Duesenberg “ML” & “CTT” Super-Tremolo:
    When you deal with old tremolo systems you often run into so many issues from tuning to difficulties in stringing your instrument. Our Duesenberg Tremolo guarantees the least amount of friction and maintaining the highest tolerances for your guitar. With our specially designed tailpiece and tremolo arm, your Doozy will stay in-tune and give you the sweetest tone with the fully adjustable tremolo arm. For those that are left-handed we have a new tremolo that can be converted to either right or left-handed guitar player.
    Duesenberg Les Trem:
    The one thing we get asked most about is our world-renowned Les-Trem. Once again it comes under the category of simplicity with sophistication. The Les-Trem fits directly on top of the stop tailpiece without modification to your guitar giving your guitar a whole new sound.
    Duesenberg Tone-Bender System and Glide-Capos:
    Duesenberg’s Pomona Lap Steel incorporates two highly innovative systems. The “Tone-Bender” raises and lowers any string up to too a half- steps, giving unbelievably and realistic pedal steel sounds when using open tunings. String guides are practically friction free making the tuning stable. The adjustable string lever arms can be placed to meet the perfect playing style. The Glide-Capo is set on the solid aluminum fingerboard giving you the ability to change to any key on the fly. (Recommended tuning is E.B.E.G#. B.E.2 spring B to G#3.string G# to A)
    The Duesenberg Bridge:
    The material mostly used for this type of Tunamatic Bridge is crafted from brass or zinc. These two metals have a major disadvantage when a steel string makes contact with these materials. The affects of body acids or sweat, begins erosion as well as starting corrosion on the strings, which impacts the overall tone of your guitar. Simply put the Duesenberg saddles are forged from steel – so the erosion process is retarded resulting in longer life to both strings and saddles and not to mention better tone.
    Duesenberg Piezo Bridge:
    The Duesenberg Tunamatic Bridge has Piezo rosewood inlay strip combined with our German precision crafted “Bonoid” slide-able saddles. This gives you a balance response to all strings while creating great brightness and attack to the strings. Our “Multi-Tone” pot, allows the Piezo to be blended with the magnetic signal of the Duesenberg pickups. The other half of the pot works as a standard tone control – without adding the Piezo. And on top of all that the system is totally passive, no batteries means no problems.
    Duesenberg 49er “STB” Tone Adjustment:
    Duesenberg 49er has a “STB” adjustment system. Instead of using a stop tail we use 6 height adjustable string bushings for threading the strings thru’ the body. Resulting in a fine adjustments along with great sustain and attack.
    Dual Action Truss Rods:
    A standard truss rod cannot adjust the neck for its optimum performance. The line of the neck should have a slight relief in it. Under extreme conditions especially for a touring musician, you may encounter that a standard truss rod may not give all adjustments that are required for heavy playing. Our dual action truss rods ensure the neck can be adjusted in both directions, giving you the best action and tone possible.
    Duesenberg Wood:
    The God angle of a guitar is the wonderful and natural material called wood. It has its difficulties, but when done right it becomes pretty magical. We use 2 or 3 pieces of wood in our bodies and rout sound chambers in some of our other guitars. The key is of course to reduce weight and at the same time enhance vibration qualities. Our hollow body guitars boast a top layer of premium spruce, which also enhances tonal sound quality. Over the years our combination of choice woods and fine lacquer products will give a distinctive surface “patina” of exceptional charm
    Best of both Worlds:
    Two German Innovations have come together to set a new standard. From 2009 all Duesenberg guitars and Basses are being processed by another ingenious German creation – The Plek. The Plek fret-dressing machine guarantees perfectly dressed level and profiled frets. With tolerances of 1/100mm the fully computerized, Plek system eliminates string buzz and provides a perfect feel and sound.