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  • Treble B

    The new TREBLE B adds power and perfect sparkle to any Guitar. The Treble Booster is in its element as a flexible booster to give Tube-amps a great kick. It gives vintage style pick ups a new lease of life and stays so dynamic while doing so, that a whole array of clean and overdriven sounds can be regulated easily through the guitars volume pot. With the extra “Range” control, the frequencies that need to be boosted can be adjusted. This makes the TREBLE B easy to accommodate any Guitar and any new sound-ideas.
  • Violet Trem

    The Violet Trem has a hand calibrated and synchronized photo cel, a volume control that counterbalances loss of volume, and functions as either a booster or a buffer. With its True Bypass electronics, the Violet Trem remains absolutely sound neutral when not in an active state.
  • White Drive II

    Whether it’s a dynamically clean boost, an electrifying crunch or a creamy overdrive – the White Drive II covers the entire bandwidth of necessary boost and overdrive sounds.