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  • Blue Move

    A good chorus effect has to sound creamy, saturated and warm. This can only be achieved with good, old-fashioned analog bucket-brigade electronics, albeit those with a special circuitry design so as not to carry over into today all of yesterday’s unwanted noise. The Blue Move realizes a large bandwidth of chorus sounds: at a slow tempo (Speed) and with a great range of modulation (Depth), the Blue Move gives rise to wide, planar, deep and/or shimmering chorus sounds. Wafting Leslie-like sounds can be attained, for example, at faster speed and reduced depth modulation settings. The high input impedance of 1 MOhm sensitively translates the input signal, retaining its inherent musicality despite the effect’s sound density. A pulsing LED light indicates the speed of the Chorus setting, while True Bypass electronics ensures that the Blue Move Chorus remains absolutely sound neutral in its inactivated state.
  • Channel 2

    The new “All in One Pedal”. The CHANNEL 2 is fantastic as an Overdrive/Distortion and just great with any Amp/Guitar combination...
  • Gold Boost

    For the most part, boosts are very simple to build. Nonetheless, they are often the most versatile and most important component on a pedal board.
  • Green Comp II

    The Green Comp helps the guitar attain a fat and balanced sound, brilliant overtones and a creamy sustain that – at certain settings – seems to last forever.
  • Red Echo II

    The Red Echo II is an extremely warm sounding delay pedal with up to 600 ms delay time.
  • The Rev

    This new reverb pedal sounds just amazing and as authentic as an old tube-driven spring reverb.