Semi Hollow

Semi Hollow

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  • gmmain

    Gran Majesto

    The “Gran Majesto” is part of our brand new line of guitars for 2016. Its 45mm sides and semi-hollow construction, featuring a solid centerblock, provide you with typical Duesenberg flexibility from clean to rock tones and even further.
  • grmain

    Gran Royale

    The “Gran Royale” is the new big boy in the Duesenberg lineup. 
  • palmain


    The Paloma is for those who seek ultimate flexibility.
  • pearlmain

    Pearl Series

    The Ice Pearl comes with an elegant circular of natural mother-of-pearl mosaic top and headstock, complete with a nickel-plated brass pick guard.
  • reboundmain


    There seems to be very few things in the world you can believe in, but the Rebound Project is one of them.   We have designed a special TV model to help support the abused children of Uganda, Africa with the support of World Vision.
  • dvtcmain

    Starplayer Custom

    There are some days when magic happens, and when we built this New DTV Custom we knew it was going to be magical.  The new stunning Custom comes with our 3 New D-Tron pickups along with a new multi-tone pot that gives you unbelievable choice of tone options...