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  • mandolamain

    Mandola 12-String

    " My Mandola 12-String is very much like a mandolin but with more versatility, since you can play it like a guitar." - Vince Gill
  • mcmain

    Mike Campbell

    " Looks, sounds and feels like what it is.. A beautifully made machine. The tremolo is superb." -  Jeff Lynne, ELO
  • mike2main

    Mike Campbell II

    "Is the Guitar Perfect?  Pretty Damn Close." - Mike Campbell
  • palmain


    The Paloma is for those who seek ultimate flexibility.
  • pearlmain

    Pearl Series

    The Ice Pearl comes with an elegant circular of natural mother-of-pearl mosaic top and headstock, complete with a nickel-plated brass pick guard.
  • psmain

    Peter Stroud Dragster

    " Having the Multi-Benders on my Duesenberg opens the door to so many great sounds and tunings." - Peter Stroud