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  • Fullerton Series TV

    " Duesenberg is the Mercedes of all Guitars, finely tuned and engineered." - Glenn Frey, Eagles
  • Gran Majesto

    The “Gran Majesto” is part of our brand new line of guitars for 2016. Its 45mm sides and semi-hollow construction, featuring a solid centerblock, provide you with typical Duesenberg flexibility from clean to rock tones and even further.
  • Gran Royale

    The “Gran Royale” is the new big boy in the Duesenberg lineup. 
  • Imperial

    "When your in the studio recording or playing in front of thousands, Duesenberg's will never let you down, in playing or in tone." - Kenny Loggins
  • Joe Walsh

    "There are some guitars that stand alone and Duesenberg is one of them." - Joe Walsh
  • Johnny Depp

    " These guitars are so fuckin sexy, the only element missing are the luscious lacy undergarments.." - Johnny Depp