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  • dragstermain


    We are proud to announce that the Eagles and Duesenberg Guitars have collaborated in designing a New Signature Guitar to celebrate their 40th Anniversary. The new Duesenberg Eagles Series features the DCF Eagles Signature Guitar along with the DBF Eagles Signature Bass...
  • eaglesguitarmain

    Eagles Series Signature

    "We are proud to have Duesenberg celebrate our 40th year of making music."  - Eagles
  • lapmain

    Fairytale Lapsteel

    " The minute I picked up the Pomona I was hooked. This is a lap steel that is a complete joy to play, even if you've never picked up a slide before." - John Mayer

    Fullerton Elite Series

    "I think it's obvious that Duesenberg instruments look beautiful, but unless you've put a few through the rigors of heavy touring, you may not realize how well they hold up. Mine sound great every single night. The tone is clear and full of character, the electronics are responsive and useful, and the guitars stay in tune better than any other electrics I've played. I'd recommend Duesenberg to anybody." - Jason Isbell
  • hollowmain

    Fullerton Hollow CC

    Hollow thinline guitars deliver a unique, open sound that lies somewhere between Beat, Blues and Jazz. Well known Beatles songs are unthinkable without these guitars, and Blues and Jazz players often prefer this type of guitar because of its comfortable handling and the livelier sound quality.
  • CC_Fullerton

    Fullerton Series CC

    " Duesenberg is the Mercedes of all Guitars, finely tuned and engineered." - Glenn Frey, Eagles