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  • Bonneville

  • C. C.

    The C.C. will slide you back in time as the vintage tones escape from your first chord or bend!
  • Caribou

    " When I start writing songs I reach for my Duesenberg first." - Dave Stewart
  • D59 Series

    The table has been set, and the 59 Series has become the main course in the studio or on stage. The Duesenberg 59 is the ultimate solid body guitar for every artist...
  • D6 Baritone

    Riffs and licks played on a baritone guitar have a charm like none other. Whether it’s twangy fills in a country song or mighty baritone riffs pushing through heavy rock and metal anthems – the sound rising up from the depths of a baritone is simply incomparable.
  • Double Cat 6/12

    The New Duesenberg Cat embodies all of the classic styles of Duesenberg with each aspect of this guitar showing our commitment to quality.