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We won’t be at the Musikmesse this year

Please scroll down for the english version! Musikmesse 2014 Tatsächlich! Nach vielen Jahren der Anwesenheit werden wir in diesem Jahr nicht mit einem Stand auf der Messe vertreten sein. Die Entscheidung dagegen kam spät und ist uns schwer gefallen. Aber nach der letzten, vermutlich lautesten Messe aller Zeiten, auf der weder Informations- noch Geschäftsgespräche möglich […]

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Imperial Ball 8 – Doozy Auction

Everyone left the room chatting, laughing, smiling – some drunk, some sober, some in silence, some in relief. I was standing beside Ingo, Dieter, Martin, Moppi and the others and just let the moment breathe for some minutes. And then it was over.
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Imperial Ball 8 – Ribbons on the Mic-Stand

Alice Cooper was done and there was silence for a moment. Everybody began talking with the person sitting next again and I had a chance to pick up the conversation with my ex-colleague. Alice Cooper had set a level of energy even on top of Manson’s performance that was a perfect match – the mood […]
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Imperial Ball 8 – Mike Campbell & The Dirty Knobs

The curtain rose for the first part of the show and suddenly I found myself standing in the middle of a highschool auditorium in Anaheim, staring at the stage on which Mike Campbell and his Dirty Knobs performed a show at it’s best. Right in the center of the stage between two shining Hot Rods, […]
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