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Imperial Ball 8 – Doozy Auction

Everyone left the room chatting, laughing, smiling – some drunk, some sober, some in silence, some in relief. I was standing beside Ingo, Dieter, Martin, Moppi and the others and just let the moment breathe for some minutes. And then it was over.
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Imperial Ball 8 – Ribbons on the Mic-Stand

Alice Cooper was done and there was silence for a moment. Everybody began talking with the person sitting next again and I had a chance to pick up the conversation with my ex-colleague. Alice Cooper had set a level of energy even on top of Manson’s performance that was a perfect match – the mood […]
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Imperial Ball 8 – Mike Campbell & The Dirty Knobs

The curtain rose for the first part of the show and suddenly I found myself standing in the middle of a highschool auditorium in Anaheim, staring at the stage on which Mike Campbell and his Dirty Knobs performed a show at it’s best. Right in the center of the stage between two shining Hot Rods, […]
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