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Johnny Depp Blesses Servite With Alice Cooper and a Gang of Classic Rockers

Johnny Depp and Friends Anaheim Center for the Performing Arts at Servite 1/23/16                                                                                                                 Article From Ocweekly.com aliceservite1 Alice Cooper, Johnny Depp and Robby Krieger                                                 Dick Slaughter  Unbeknownst to me and to the rest of regular folks, Servite High School in Anaheim is apparently the site of a major annual charity gathering...
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Duesenberg 2016


We are honored to announce the new Duesenberg Alliance Series Guitar with Grammy Award-Winning band Soundgarden: Chris Cornell, Kim Thayil, Ben Shepherd and Matt Cameron. From their early beginnings in...
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News for 2015

We have created a seperate menu in the upper right navigation called “NAMM News 2015″ in which from now on you can find our releases for 2015. Make sure to check back frequently, it will be updated constantly! Duesenberg Alliance Joe Walsh (click image) Duesenberg Johnny Depp Series (click image) Starplayer TV DLX Black (click […]
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The Duesenberg Guide to Nickel Hardware

To give everyone who is interested a little bit of insight on why the hardware on all of our instruments is Nickel finished, we created a thorough guide on what a Nickel finish actually is and why one would decide for it. We recommend this guide to every Duesenberg owner, fan or everyone who would […]
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Festival Stories with Revolverheld

Der Sommer in Deutschland ist vorbei! Wir blicken zusammen mit Revolverheld noch einmal auf die schönen Momente zurück. Wir hatten die Möglichkeit die Band bei zwei Terminen ihrer Festivaltour 2014 zu begleiten und haben diese Momente in den folgenden Bildern für euch festgehalten. Vielen Dank Jungs, es waren zwei super Tage!  • • • • […]
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Ashtrays for the Rolling Stones

Well, sometimes specific situations call for specific measures. So what do you do if smoking on stage is a major desire but one of your bandmates successfully defeated throat cancer? – and wants to keep it like that. Pierre Debeauford, main technician for the Rolling Stones for many years already constructed an ingenious system which […]
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Martin Huch Photography

If you like the photos from the “Imperial Ball 8″ article or the artwork featured in every Duesenberg print ad, you should definitely check out Martin Huch’s Facebook page. He’s an absolutely great photographer and a true professional when it comes to portraits and photography composings! Find him here: Martin Huch Photography | facebook
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We won’t be at the Musikmesse this year

Please scroll down for the english version! Musikmesse 2014 Tatsächlich! Nach vielen Jahren der Anwesenheit werden wir in diesem Jahr nicht mit einem Stand auf der Messe vertreten sein. Die Entscheidung dagegen kam spät und ist uns schwer gefallen. Aber nach der letzten, vermutlich lautesten Messe aller Zeiten, auf der weder Informations- noch Geschäftsgespräche möglich […]

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