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Imperial Ball 2017
Johnny Depp Blesses Servite With Alice Cooper and a Gang of Classic Rockers
Johnny Depp and Friends Anaheim Center for the Performing Arts at Servite 1/23/16                                                                                                                 Article From Ocweekly.com Alice Cooper, Johnny Depp and Robby Krieger                                                 Dick Slaughter  Unbeknownst to me and to Read More
Duesenberg 2016
SOUNDGARDEN   We are honored to announce the new Duesenberg Alliance Series Guitar with Grammy Award-Winning band Soundgarden: Chris Cornell, Kim Thayil, Ben Shepherd and Matt Cameron. From their early beginnings Read More
How to maintain a Stable Tuning
Years and years of touring on the road can be tough. And that’s not just for you. Any instrument which is played regularily needs maintenance – the quality determines how Read More